Friday, July 21, 2006


I was going to do the Thursday Threesome yesterday, but never got around to it. I could do it today, but I think you probably want an update on yesterday instead, right?


Look, just because you can't comment until I post this is no excuse for the silence. :)

Frankly, I didn't learn much at the Infusion Center yesterday. I saw a nurse who seemed to basically just know enough to do what she is told. She but in something or other that covers the wound and kills an infection that has grown in the area. It can't get wet, so I can't shower until I go back Monday. (Just don't tell my co-workers). Of course, I also don't have to change the dressing three times a day right now.

Monday, when I go back, I'm supposed to see the wound care specialist herself.

I was given a second piece of this stuff to use if the first one got too messy with gunk from the wound. I had to replace it this morning. Fortunately, the infusion center is open over the weekend. I have a feeling I'll be in there getting it replaced again. With as much as it has put out in the last few days, I don't think it will stop now, but we'll have to see.

This no getting wet stuff killed me last night. We did a relay race that Kurt has been putting together for weeks. It ended with a giant Slip N Slide. Everyone looked like they were having such fun going down it. I wanted to join in the fun. But that would have defeated the purpose of seeing the doctor yesterday, so I didn't.

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