Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two for the Price of One

This week features two Thursday Threesomes. Both can be found at The Back Porch.

The first is brought to us by backyard chefs.

Onesome: Cooked to?-- Okay, the easy one: if you're having grilled meat (steak/hamburger) this weekend, how would you like it cooked?
I prefer stuff medium. Cooked, but not charred.

Twosome: Medium-- to large? ...too large? What do you think of the big ol' plasma screen HDTVs available now? I mean, would you if you could?
A part of me would if I could afford it. Of course, with the small space in my condo for a TV, it would be pretty much like sitting in the front row of a movie theater all the time. So it's probably a good thing I can't afford it.

Threesome: Rare-- Footage: one of the major news services recently announced they would make archived news coverage available for personal purchase on DVD. Is there any one piece/segment/area of old news (or new) you'd like to have on your bookshelf to view "whenever"?
Not really. Although if I were in a news segment, I might be tempted to purchase it. Depending on what the event was and how I was portrayed, of course.

And this week's is brought to us by the realities of life and The Rolling Stones.

Onesome: You can't always get what you want- Have you ever wanted something really badly and had it fall through, only to look back later and realize that things ended up better for it?
When I was a student at Master's, I really wanted to be on WOW staff, their student leadership in the dorms. I didn't get it. And the next year I was so busy I barely had time to turn around. I was so glad I didn't have anything else in my life I had to do.

Twosome: But if you try sometimes- Is there anything you you've ever wanted so badly that you were willing to give up on other things while you tried to get/save up for the one big thing?
When I was in 4th Grade, I saved my money like crazy to get an Atari 2600, not buying other stuff so I could save every penny to get one. Still have it and play it occasionally, too.

Threesome: Well you just might find you get what you need- Most of us have been at spots in our lives where what we want and what we need are not always the same thing. Money's tight and that new toy you want isn't going to happen because you need to get the brakes on the car repaired or you need textbooks for school. What have you really, really wanted, but you had to give up because of practicality? And did you ever figure out how to have both the want and the need?
There are no examples springing to mind right now. Which I guess means I've lead a very blessed life.

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