Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Warning: This post considered by some to have way too much information. Read at your own risk.

Now that I have everyone's attention and they are committed to read from start to finish, I shall continue. :)

When I got home from work Monday, I discovered that that part of my wound that had been puffy earlier was starting to open up again. It started as a hole, but has now connected to the unhealed part, making for a wound that's about twice as big as it was Sunday.

Naturally, I was glad I had the appointment yesterday. After a quick look, the doctor said, "You should see a wound care specialist." Well, duh! I hope Dr. San learns something from all this so future patients don't have to go through five months of waiting before they get referred. Anyone, one was willing to come down and see me, but I had to wait until she was available. I was told it would be by 4, so at 4:30, I but a bandage on myself and went to ask. She'd been delayed but would be down. Sure enough, a few minutes later she came in. Frankly, didn't have too much to say other then not to worry about it opening up again. But I have an appointment to be seen in the infusion center (wound care clinic) tomorrow afternoon.

All told, I was there for oever two hours yesterday, most of it waiting to be seen. But I was finally seen by the right person. Hopefully this translates to treatment that actually works.

Plus I finished my book while I was waiting.

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