Saturday, March 11, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Wednesday was my 31st birthday. I celebrated by feeling sick in the morning, working a few hours in the afternoon, and going to a book signing that night.

Rhys Bowen was in the area signing her latest Molly Murphy mystery. I seriously thought about not going, I had been feeling so lousy, but I went. And it was a huge ego boost, too. As soon as Rhys saw me, she said, "Hi, Mark! I was wondering if I was going to see you this trip since you weren't in Thousand Oaks." (I've always gone to signings at a mystery bookstore there, but this time she was signing in the middle of the afternoon.)

Wednesday night, I got a good night sleep and felt better then I had in days.

I went to youth group Thursday night. It was great to see everyone again and finally hear the new worship band. They do a good job, although I can tell they are still getting used to playing together.

Friday late afternoon, I had another appointment with the surgeon. He determined that the wound needed to be opened up quite a bit. Yes, it really hurts. And it's frustrating because I can't seem to ever get truly better. I'm feeling better for a few days, then something like this happens and I'm back to square one.

Meanwhile, there's also concern that I'm having a complication from one of the anti-biotics I was on for so long, so I've got to be doing lots of lab work in the next few days.

In spite of how I was feeling, I went out today. Bought the new Veggie Tales as well as went to another signing for Joanne Fluke's new book. She was here in town, how could I not? This time, I got the copy I got from Carol signed. Now, I just need to read it!

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