Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is it Yesterday Yet?

I believe I promised to update on Friday. Then I didn't. I'm reminded of that old joke from Hagar the Horrible.

"I'll fix it tomorrow."
"Tomorrow, tomorrow. Before you know it, tomorrow becomes today and today becomes yesterday."
"Alright, alright. I'll do it yesterday."

So, where was I?

Health wise, I'm doing better each day. I've been getting into work at 10:30 the last two days, so that's an improvement. I'm still taking it as easy as I can, because Friday I felt lousy. Didn't sleep well Thursday night due to a stomach ache. I came into work, but really should have stayed home. Did better Saturday and Sunday.

When I saw the doctor a week ago, he told me it looks like everything is finally healing properly. Now, we'll see what he says when I see him Thursday.

A week and a half ago (like the 18th), my family was in town. My brother and sister-in-law came out a few days before the youth conference they were going to. Mom and Dad came down and we all hung out. Granted, I did work Monday and Tuesday, but I got to see them Sunday and at night. It was great to all be together. Hadn't seen B and SiL since Thanksgiving.

Saturday, I did my taxes. Very nice refund coming my way this year since I had less rental income since I only had one roommate during the majority of the year.

Sunday, the Durons were in town! It was wonderful to see them again, and their kids have grown so much! I sure do miss working with them in the jr. high group. Anyway, we went over to the Duncan's after church for lunch. Small group, and I didn't leave until 5.

Last night, I went over to Kurt and Kellie's for dinner and 24. It had been way too long since I had spent any time with them. We had lots of fun. Kurt hooked me on a golf game for the X-box. I'm ready to play again and beat him this time!

I'm still looking for our spring weather. It decided to rain today, and it's really coming down. Plus, I'm parked across the street, and the street floods at the drop of a hat. We'll see if my garage door will even open when I get home. Yes, I normally talk about how much I love rain, but I'm more ready for nice spring weather this year.

Never happy, am I?

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