Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Sick, Part 2

This is a sequel I certainly don't want any part of.

Tuesday, I started feeling lousy at work again. Worked all day, but took my temp as soon as I got home that night. Sure enough, I was running a fever.

Wednesday morning, I called Kaiser first thing. They got me in, even with my regular doctor. He ran some tests that came back fine, but recommended (reluctantly), a CT scan. I jumped at the chance, and went down to another location for one.

My doctor called this morning with the results. I've got a cist on my bladder. Could have been there since birth, but it's become inflamed or infected now. I also have some problems with my prostate.

So I'm back on anti-biotics and I'm seeing an urologist tomorrow morning. Further updates as I have them.

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