Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let's Switch Topics

I'm feeling better today then I have for a while. Nothing else new to report, so let's play some today.

First off, I haven't visited the Back Porch for a while, so I have two weeks to catch up.

The first was brought to us by one wrong move.

Onesome: A-- whole new year is in progress and we've made it just over a month into it. Do you have any new projects started around the place or are you waiting for Spring? ...or does it already feel like Spring?
The temps are in the 80's this week. It feels like spring, and I love it. As for new projects, how about get better soon.

Twosome: dangerous-- It's a dangerous world out there on the Net some days! What are you using for Anti-Virus and/or Firewall software? ...and is it working well for you? (If not, it may be worth seeing what the gang has to say...)
I've got something and something from my provider. And if I knew about anti-virus stuff, I'd know what it was.

Threesome: Step-- right up and tell us what you have planned for the "Annual Commercial Extravaganza" this Sunday. You know, the one with the football game cut up and slid between the segments. Is it party time? Shopping? What commercials?
Spent the day in bed trying to get better. Did watch the game while watching Monk and Full House reruns.

And today's is brought to us by AOL.

Onesome--Premium - Have you paid for any access to web services? What services? What are they like?
Yes, through my phone company. And I've been happy with them.

Twosome--Web - For the free stuff on the web, what it your favorite out there? What do you find yourself looking at everyday?
I don't know. I tend to go to other people's blogs or site where you buy stuff.

Threesome--Service - What goes on in your mind when you're out and get bad service from a restaurant or store? Do you let it slide off your back like ducks do to water? Or, do you make sure the business knows your dissatisfaction?
I tend to complain but generally let it slide off my back. If it's really bad I let them know about how bad it was.

And, finally, we've got last Sunday's word association.

  1. Taking sides:: Fight
  2. Couples:: Love
  3. Right of refusal:: Not up to Par
  4. Marla:: Woman
  5. Multiple:: Choice
  6. Trinity:: God
  7. Sneeze:: Bless you
  8. Sweatpants:: Comfy
  9. Steve:: Walker
  10. Fabulous:: Outstanding

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