Monday, January 09, 2006

A Week Between News Posts

So what have I been up to this week? Not a whole lot of excitement.

Last Monday, Casey and I did venture down to see Chicken Little. It was lots of fun and better then I was expecting.

Saturday, we went to see The Producers. Considering it was a Mel Brooks movie, I should have seen the sexual situations coming. It had some very funny parts, but the other parts ruined it for me. And the choriography left a little something to be desired as well. It was obvious the stage director did this one as well. Could have been better.

Monday night, I also used my Christmas money to buy a mixer. I'm so happy. Used it Wednesday night to whip up some Apple Orchard Bars. Very good once again. Now I need to figure out what I'm going to make next.

I decided I'd rather be sick then work today. Ok, actually, it was yesterday. Was running a fever in the high 101's. That was my temp when I took it at 5 AM, but when I finally got up at 10, it was down to 98.8. So I can go back to work tomorrow. Which is a good thing. I have so much to do this week. Like turn in my time card and finish up my December journal entries.

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