Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Welcome to November

Don't I say this every month? Can't believe it's already November.

So, looks like Paul might be moving in next month. Still could still change. No firm/can't back out committment on either end. But assuming things don't change at his current situation, he'll move in.

How's that for uncertain. :)

Game night was a blast Saturday night. We started by watching the new VeggieTales, Lord of the Beans. Great addition to the series. Very funny. Then we played Killer Uno, and I won. Granted, we stopped early and it was only by 50 points or so, but I'll take it where I can get it. Plus I made peach cobbler (from a Joanne Fluke recipe of course) for dessert. Let me tell you, it was wonderful!

And during a break, we used Debbie's computer to view the final trailer to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This one actually has talking animals in it, and I felt the shivers. This is gonna be so good! Only 39 days, but who's counting?

Yesterday was fairly warm with strong Santa Ana winds blowing and temps in the 90's. My last bit of warm weather until Spring, I think. Already cooling off again.

So, does this make me a grump? Last night, I had maybe two dozen kids come to my door trick or treating. I wasn't expecting a whole lot because of all the stairs in the units. However, the majority of them were Jr. High age and WERE WITHOUT COSTUME! It kinda seems to me that if you are going to go trick or treating, you should be wearing a costume no matter what age you are. I felt like not giving any candy if they weren't in costume, but I didn't actually follow through.

Finished Mew is for Murder at lunch time. Glad to be done with it. A debut novel, and it showed big time. Later this week, I'll be getting the new Turing Hopper and Talk Radio mysteries. Can't wait to read both of them.

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