Friday, November 04, 2005


The insurance over the last few months has really wiped me out. I need the money from payday today like you wouldn't believe. I sure hope Paul's answer is yes next week about moving in. I do have money in savings, but I hate to touch it. I guess what happened last night would qualify as an emergency, however.

I decided to wash a load of towels before I left for youth group. I started the washer filling. It stopped way too soon, like only after a couple inches. I moved the switch and started it again. That's when I noticed the burning smell. Naturally, I turned it off. I've got a repairman coming out tomorrow. I called around until I found someone who didn't charge an arm and leg for the initial service call. Probably not the best route to take, but it's the one I chose. We'll see what his diagnosis is.

Depending on who much he says it will take to repair it, I may just replace. That's the way I'm leaning right now. The washer and dryer are old. Not sure how old, but they look to be 20-30 years old. The dryer doesn't dry clothes right, usually taking two or three cycles. They came with the place, so I don't have too much invested in them. It might be worth it just to get rid of them and get new ones. Of course, that means trying to figure out what I want to get. Fortunately, most places will have stuff on sale next weekend for Vetrans' Day. Hopefully I can get a good deal.

On the good news front, I got my electric bill this week, and it had a credit on it. Apparently, I qualified for a credit of some kind. Don't know what/why, but I do want to poke around and see if I can figure it out. I'm guessing it was because my useage this summer was significantly less then last month. The benefit of having two fewer people running the washer and dryer and setting the thermostat much colder then I wanted it.

Last night's youth group was the latest in a series of unusual weeks. We left at 7 and took the teens over to the house of one member who is very sick. We sang a few songs and Pastor Jon shared a couple verses. Took all our time, but it was very nice.

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