Monday, November 14, 2005

So just how did my week end?

With me sick, of course.

For a week now, I've had a cough. When it comes, it's pretty bad. But then I can go hours without coughing at all.

Tuesday, I didn't feel well, but stayed at work. Wednesday, I worked hard and got lots done. Then came Thursday. I felt miserable and sounded worse. Was running a slight temperature, so I called in sick and stayed home.

By the end of the day my temp was gone and I was feeling better. My cough was the worst it had been all week, however.

Of course, the fun in all this was my Friday plans. I'd taken the day off work and was planning to visit with my aunt while going to the Nixon Presidential Library, which I had never been to before. So, when I decided I was sick Thursday, I started trying to get in touch with her. When I did, she decided she was going to go anyway and she'd call me when she got into town Friday to see if I was feeling better. I was, so I went, too.

Am I ever glad I did. First of all, it was free because of Vetrans Day. Second, it was fascinating. I really didn't know much about Nixon, so I learnd alot. In fact, I want to go back to try to absorb some of it. Naturally, it has a strong pro-Nixon bias, but what else would you expect?

I think the thing that struck me the most was how things really haven't changed. The same stunts the two parties are pulling on each other right now they were doing 50 years ago when Nixon was in the Senate. It's so sad that the parties are more concerned with having power then with ideas or even listening to what their constituents want.

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