Monday, November 07, 2005

News, News, and Game Night Fun

Saturday, the repairman came out and couldn't find anything wrong with the washing machine. Naturally. We've now done four loads with it, and we haven't had a problem. So I have no clue what was going on.

Still, while I was out and about on my lunch hour, I stopped by Sears and saw they are having a great sale this week. So I stopped by the library and looked at Consumer Reports. Now I don't know what to do.

I heard from Paul tonight. He's a go for moving in! Hope this works out well. Guess we'll find out next month.

Naturally, this does give me more money to play with for replacing my washer and dryer. Still don't know what to do.

Of course, if this is Monday, it must be time for a game night update.

Saturday was Carol's birthday, so naturally we celebrated by making her bring dessert. She brought not only a lemon meraigne pie, but also chocolate overload bar cookies. both were very good, not that it surprised any of us.

For the game we played Beyond Balderdash. This game gives you obscure words, people, dates, movies, and initials. One player puts the real definition in, but everyone else makes up something they think will fool the rest of the group. It's lots of fun and always good for some laughs. Here are some highlights.

What does FTBS stand for? Is it a) Franklin Television Broadcasting Station? b) Free throwers Boomerang Society? c) Fortune Tellers Behavior Society? If you guessed b, you'd be correct. Believe me, no one got that one.

Who was Tobias Smollett? He wasn't the first winner of the Ironman triathlon. He also didn't invent binder clips or grocery sacks. He did invent the mailbox, however.

What does Ranarium mean? A post reclamation byproduct of water used for colling radioactive material? Nope. A place where rinos are cared for? Nope. It's a frog farm, of course.

Let's switch to movies. Going Ape. The movie is not about a scientist who switches his brain with an ape's. Not about chimps trying to take over the city or a shimp who plays football. Nope. It's about a guy who inherits orangutangs and must take care of them to inherit $5 million. And I see it starred Tony Danza and Danny De Vito, too.

That Sinking Feeling. The drama and disappointment of Harriet's high school prom? A newlywed couple gets suckered into buying a yachet in which things go wrong? A gang of Scottish Teens steal a warehouse full of sinks? Believe it or not, it's the last one. Although the yachet got the most votes.

Two more.

Duffing means: a) to hit a teddy bear when you're mad b) hitting a golf ball badly so that it barely goes anywhere c) the body of a fisherman's artificial fly d) happily bouncing a ball down the street e) Stepping on the heel of the shoe of the person in front of you f) a soccer player hitting the soccer ball with his head. The correct answer would be C.

Finally, more initials. NPBOA stands for a) National Party Boat Owners Association b) National Parks Board of Authority c) National Pimple Busting Officers Associaton. In this case, the answer is A, but I'll let you continue to guess which answer got the most laughs of the evening.

See, you learned something new by reading this post today.

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