Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back in CA

I did return successfully yesterday. Just didn't have time to blog about my great weekend.

Wednesday, I left work a little later then I had intended, but still managed to make it to the shuttle I wanted to catch. I got to the airport two hours early, in fact, which gave me time to get a leasurely lunch, wander around the terminal, and even read for a bit. And get this, both my planes were on time, something I don't think has ever happened going to or from Dallas.

We didn't do much after I got there beside go to bed, and then Thursday we slept in. Once we got up, we fixed the traditional dinner with all the trimmings, including two kinds or yams. My sister-in-law has her favorite and our family has ours. Although both admitted we liked the other's better then we remember this year. After dinner we watched the Amazing Race and played Apples to Apples. Plus, of course, we had dessert. SiL made one item I couldn't have because of my nut allergies, but she also made a caramel cheesecake that was wonderful.

Friday was another lazy day. We did get out and go to the Dallas Arboretum. It would have been prettier if stuff had been in bloom, but it was still nice. We also stopped at a Wal-Mart, and I was able to find the hand soap I like that I can't find in Santa Clarita any more! I bought a bunch of bottles and sent them home with Mom and Dad.

Speaking of whom, they left really early Saturday morning to start driving back. But the three of us went back to sleep after they left. :) Bro had to go into the church for a little while, so SiL and I hung out at the house. We watched like six episodes of season 3 of Friends. Then Bro finally got home and we watched Lost and went out to eat.

Sunday was busy. Since Bro is the youth pastor at their church now, it was a work day for him. It was also my first chance to watch him in action, and I was very impressed. He's got a great relationship with the group. That evening, they had a youth game night that I got to crash, which was lots of fun.

Yesterday, I had to leave. :( My flight out of Dallas was about 20 minutes late, but I didn't have far to go between terminals, so I made my tight connection no problem. I also finished The Buck Stops Here, which I'd been reading since Thursday night. I really don't want to see that series end!

Today, at lunch time, I bought a washer and dryer. Can't wait for Best Buy to devliver and install it Saturday. Work was crazy since I had a couple days to catch up on. And Paul started moving stuff in. He intends to spend tomorrow night here.

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