Tuesday, January 06, 2004

So I haven't told you my incredibly fun news yet. Next time you're in a bookstore, go look for a copy of Mumbo Gumbo by Jerrilyn Farmer. Assuming you can find it (local bookstores seem to have plenty), take a look at the acknowledgements. This is only cool if you pick up the paperback edition, however. I've come down off cloud 8.5, but I'm still floating pretty high from it.

Last night, I headed over to Pete's for a haircut. I know this will sound weird coming from me, but it's shorter then I was looking for. Didn't plan to get it cut really short until this spring or there aboust. Still, it's very nice not to have hair growing over my ears and rubbing on the collar of my shirt.

My mom mentioned several times how much she prefers my long hair when I was home. And Mike's girlfriend mentioned it, too. And the beard is a huge hit. Don't think they'll let me shave it off any time soon. Or get a short haircut anytime soon.

Fortunately, they don't seem to control that, because my hair is short by Mom's standards again. I kinda figure at my age and status in life it really only matters what they think on days that are very special to them. Like if Mike gets married this summer. Other then that, it's mine to control.

Anyway, Pete and his new roommate came over last night. I got to show off my condo and then we hit the hot tub and pool. Even with the bitter cold wind blowing, it was wonderful. The pool wasn't as warm as it had seemed previously, but after sitting in the hot tub for a little while was still certainly enjoyable.

There have been no Thursday Threesomes the last two weeks because of the holidays, but I will do this week's word association. (The weeks I missed? O well.)

  1. Vintage:: Clothing
  2. Longing:: Passion
  3. Specimen:: Science
  4. Mock:: Humiliate
  5. Sh**:: Bad Word
  6. Friday:: Payday!
  7. Cruel:: Mean
  8. Insufficient:: Funds
  9. Pessimistic:: Gloomy
  10. Grin:: and bear it

How's that for something a little different. Probably never thought you'd see one word up there on my blog, did you?

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