Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Saturday was certainly a weird day. Didn't go at all like I had planned.

Friday night, I went to dinner expecting to confirm times with the convention. However, Matt told me that he and John were going over to another friend's house that day and didn't know if they'd be able to make it work or not. Believe me, I was frustrated. We'd only been talking about them coming over to catch last week's Enterprise (which I hadn't watched) and some Babylon 5 for weeks. I made sure all my roommates knew so it wouldn't be a problem. Finally, they decided they'd do one then the other, making me the evening entertainment.

Meanwhile, I found out that one of my new roommate's parents were going to be in town that day only.

Everything managed to work out. I left a little before noon and went to see the new Peter Pan. Gorgeous scenery. It picks up the story a little eariler then the Disney cartoon does and fills in a few gaps. Takes things slightly differently. And really plays up the romantic angle of things. Still, absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to get it on DVD.

Then I came into the office for about an hour for internet purposes, then I headed out to play ultimate Frisbee. And the person I quit last year because of wasn't there! Maybe he won't be back. Went home, took a quick shower, then headed out to the college for dinner and to pick up the convention. Watched four hours worth of sci-fi, then brought them back. And went to bed exhausted.

Sunday was much quieter, with plenty of time to read Perfect Sax, Jerrilyn Farmer's new book. Wonderful, as always. Finished it at lunch time yesterday.

And I've got a new bee in my bonnet (so to speak). I'm seriously looking into getting a lap top and DSL wireless internet access for my condo. It would be much better then coming into my office to get on the internet (duh!) and since my parents are doing the same thing, I could even use it at home. The man problems right now are financial. As in, do I really NEED this, or is it a want I should deneigh myself till I'm a little better off financially, like a few months down the line. Seems like people are always having deals on DSL, so I could wait until later and get just as good a deal I'm sure.

Man, I hate decisions.

And a late breaking headline for you. I just love satire.

And finally, today's word association.

  1. Berry:: juice
  2. Fiendish:: mildly evil (Ok, how can you be mildly evil?)
  3. Bar:: alcohol
  4. Frank:: and Joe
  5. Bend:: break
  6. Fanatic:: My "fiend" at the message boards I'm always talking about here
  7. Belch:: Excuse you!
  8. Flagrant:: rule breaker
  9. Burden:: sin in Pilgrim's Progress
  10. Flimsy:: likely to break

So what does my theme of breaking things say about my state of mind right now?

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