Saturday, January 31, 2004

I know, a Saturday post from me. It does happen every so often.

So, Marcus came over last night after he was done with his Bible study, leaving the rest of my weekend free. And I'm thrilled with the new light fixtures. I was a little worried that they wouldn't let as much light out as the old ones did. The old ones had four bulbs, and these only have two. But they're up higher, so maybe that makes a difference? I'm also using some of those energy saver bulbs. Boy do they put out lots of great light. This will certainly be a change for the better.

And I now have keypad entry to my garage. Which means I don't have to carry a remote back and forth everytime I head down to the garage or get into/leave my car. One less thing to carry is always a plus. Of course, I also have to enter the code still, so I still need a hand free, so maybe I'm not much better off.

Got up today to play ultimate frisbee. Yes, he who tried to drive me away was there, but it was someone else who was acting immature and that I didn't get along with. And the wind didn't help at all. I didn't notice it at my condo, but it was howling on the field. And all afternoon here at work.

So, why am I in my office this long? Because, I was finishing the latest draft of Jennie's book. Much better ending then the first ending I read. And certainly better then the last draft, which kinda stopped. :) Needs more polishing to be better, but certainly an all around good story.

Now, however, I need to get home and finish my published novel and watch some TV. (Taping Fox news as we speak.) Take care everyone.

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