Friday, January 30, 2004

I found out last night that Marcus is going to be in town to change my light fixtures for me tomorrow. I thought he said he'd call me in two weeks, not he'd be here in two weeks. Throws my plans for tomorrow out of whack, but that'll be ok for the most part. The thing that will suffer the most is Jennie's book. I thought I'd finish tomorrow, but now I'm not going to finish until next week some time.

In other news, I did it today! I ordered DSL, so for the next year at least, I'll have DSL at home. I hate having another monthly expense, but I do need this at home to keep roommates happy. Well, at least internet access of some sort. And considering how much I like to get on over the weekends, this will save me trips into the office. Heck, maybe I can even be extremely late to chat occasionally. Anyone still around at midnight on Thursdays?

Didn't quite get through my reconciliations. One more to go. But I'm still happy with my progress. And I'm about 100 pages from the end of my book. Finally. That's on my weekend agenda. Along with a super bowl party and Babar the Movie. Can you believe the released that on DVD? It's wonderful, I don't care what anyone says, with some great lines. And I certainly couldn't pass it up for that price!

Right now, I need to get utilities for the month figured out so I can bill my roommates. :) I'll leave you with a quiz. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Love the new image, you've come along way since wooden horses, but
as popular as ever.

Computer virus quiz

Aleta and I are the same again, aren't we?

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