Monday, June 09, 2003

What a weekend.

Friday night was career group Bible study. We started a series on the minor prophets in the Old Testiment, which I will miss lots off. I won't be back for a study until August because of being gone three Fridays in July. How did my summer get away from me again?

Got up early Saturday morning and drove the 3 hours to Santa Maria for wedding number 1. Very nice service. Her father married them, and only lost it a couple times. The reception afterwards was fun. And Seth and Kiersten were there, so I got to catch up with them. They're really loving Kentucky. Unfortunately, that was the only chance I had to see them. Seemed to go by so quickly, especially since I wasn't the only one trying to talk to them.

Sunday was wedding number 2, and what an adventure that turned out to be. It was down in Long Beach, an hour south of here. I didn't figure things would be too hard to find, but they are working on the connection between two freeways in town, and things were crazy. It was a good thing I allowed plenty of time to get there. I had so much time, in fact, that I thought I could stop by a used bookstore I've been hearing about. After spending 20 minutes finding it, I decided to actually stop by after the wedding. Again, a good thing, because I spent 40 minutes trying to find the place. It was at a restaurant right on the water, but there was very little else around and I wandered all over the docks. But I got there with plenty of time to spare, especially since the wedding started 40 minutes late. It was a Messianic Jewish service, which I found very interesting. And a nice change from the day before. Then we had a lunch reception, and I got to hang out with Debbie and the gang for that. I think we were the only table laughing and joking while we waiting for the pictures to finally finish, etc.

Finally made it back to the bookstore just before closing. Didn't have too much time in it, but did find one Trixie Belden (paper back 14) and one Meg. They had quite a few resonably priced Happy Hollister books as well. I've heard good things about them, so I picked one up.

Did nothing but lie around on the couch when I got home last night. Watched some TV and read some. I was actually surprised I stayed away, with how tired I was.

What has happened to summer? I doubt it reached 70 all day today. We are having fall/winter weather, and I don't like it! That kind of weather is fine then, but now it's supposed to be hot, or at least warm.

Almost went to a pick-up ultimate frisbee game tonight. But Tommy decided he didn't want to go, and I really shouldn't with my first game tomorrow. Stuff to do and don't want to be too sore. So I'm just going to call the fam and get Dad's Father's day gift ready to mail. Exciting stuff like that.

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