Monday, June 30, 2003

Saturday, I was just about to head out to the beach, when an inspiration hit me. I still had my free pass to Hurricane Harbor, and I never made it last year. So, I headed over there. Really wasn't as crowded as I thought it might be. Had fun on the slides and floating along the "endless river." Then I headed home and got caught up on TV watching.

I read my new copy of Secret of the Mansion this weekend. With all the times I've read it, this was the first time I really dawned on me that Mr. Frayne was Jim's dad's uncle. Yes, I feel very, very stupid. :)

Also introduced Marcus to The Stockmarket Game Sunday. (Yes, he's back this week. Gone again next.) I won, but it seemed to take forever. Of course, it might have helped if we weren't constantly landing on the sell all shares spaces and stock broker fee squares.

And now I really don't know what to do this weekend. I got ahold of Mike, and he said, "Well, I'm going to be very busy, don't know if I have anywhere where you can sleep, but I guess you can come up if you want to." So now what do I do? Especially since I'd be skipping Jr. high Bible study and my ultimate game this week to go. Yet, I really don't want to stay in my apartment all weekend. And, if I go up there, I'm sure I can find stuff to do. I just don't want to be a pain. Any suggestions?

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate making decisions?

And, a quiz from Kathy.

What rating is your journal?

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Why does this not surprise me in the least? :) (Glad I didn't scandilize anyone by getting a different answer.)

Almost forgot! Let me the first to wish you a Happy Fiscal New Year! (Like anyone else is crazy enough to do that, anyway.) :)

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