Monday, June 02, 2003

Saturday, I made it to the Reagan to find they've really changed things around in the last six months. Closed off a whole section to remodel and add the wing where they will house the old Air Force One. And I can't wait until that opens next year sometime. But, it meant that they had little room for the Bob Hope exhibit, which turns out to be for the best since I had very little time to view it. Now, I just need to see something he's been in or a special or something. Now the name, but that was about it until Saturday.

Then I made it to Mysteries to Die For for a book signing. Lots of fun. And I only spent $33. Of course, that was on 5 paperbacks, but still. Just what I need, more books to read.

Actually did sit down and read lots starting Saturday night. As in 200 pages in about 24 hours. Have 60 pages left in Whirlpool, and I can't wait to finish it. (Thanks again for the recommendation, Susansuth!)

I know I'm being petty, but this really bugs me. I lost another of my new plants to the idots who insisted on standing on them to work. And I'm not completely sure what I'm going to do because it's going to look kinda funny to have those two missing considering where they are. Really don't want to try moving the plants around. And I'm not convenienced that I have room for too many more plants.

Got an e-mail from Kiersten this morning. She and Seth will be at Chips's wedding this weekend, so I'll get to see them again! Unfortunately, they plan to hang out in town on Sunday (Eric's wedding) and Thursday (I'll be backpacking by then), so I won't get to see them more then that, most likely. But something's better then nothing.

And, to finish off the day, thought I'd do a couple quizzes. First up, the one everyone's doing on herbs.

You Are Lavender
You Are Lavender!

What Herb Are You?
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Think that's a new one.

And, speaking of new. Here's one that I haven't seen on any blogs yet....

You're a simple rain storm. You're calm and serene
and you love to be with other people.

What type of storm are you?
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