Friday, June 06, 2003

The saga of the Father's Day gift shopping continues.

I liked the shirt I got Dad, but it was only about half of what I'd spent on Mom, and I started to feel very guilty about that. So, I decided to look at Penny's. After much searching, I found a much better shirt with a price more in line, so I bought that. Which prompted a trip back to Wal-Mart to return the original. And the pair of swim trunks I liked better, too, because it wasn't made right. I just intended to exchange that, but every single one I looked at was the exact same way! Major bummed. So, shopping for Father's Day only took three nights.

Last night was 8th Grade graduation at the Christian school. The only grad cerimony I'm doing this year. Unlike weddings. I've got one Saturday three hours north of here and one Sunday and hour south. And I still don't have the present for the one on Sunday. It'll probably arrive tomorrow, but since I'm having it shipped to work, I won't be able to get it before the wedding. Anyway, this will be a weekend of driving, obviously.

I got an e-mail from my captain this morning for summer league. I'm on team black again, as I was 5 years ago the first time I signed up. I only know and have played with one person on my team before, so it'll be interesting to see what happens out there. First game is Tuesday.

My legs finally stopped hurting this morning. Guess that means I should go for a jog before I leave for Chips's wedding tomorrow. :)

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