Friday, June 27, 2003

Once again, things seemed to go well for worship time having not practiced until the very last minute. This time very literally, too, since we were concluding at 6:40. Then Jared showed up. I figured he'd be able to follow along, but I forgot some of the stuff we'd gone over. Seemed I'd picked all the songs with something I had to explain. But he seemed to fake his way through stuff pretty well. Was kinda hard to tell since he was behind me, of course.

Anyway, we only had about three guys. Dave wasn't there (at the General Association of Regular Baptist Convention in Riverside), so Seth and I took the guys and we went through the chapter of Proverbs for the day. Went very well, and I think we all got challenged from it. Of course, when the last verse of the chapter is "A lying toung hates those it hurts," it's hard not to be challenged.

Murphy seems to be working over time in my life. After I finished Minivan last night (what is it with me and reading the last half of books in a day or two, anyway?), I just couldn't get to sleep. So I started the new Alias novel. And guess what I got in the mail today. My copy of the new Trixie book! (#2 will probably be here tomorrow.) I planned to reread it next, but I guess it'll have to wait. Still, it's so fun. Called a co-worker who also likes the series, and he came right down to look at them.

I'm hoping this will work in other things too. Seth and I had talked about camping again this weekend, but he doesn't think he should. So I finally unpacked my car of all my camping stuff. This would also apply to visiting Lovell at Hume Lake next weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I have to figure out a way to hit the beach this weekend. Wanna come?

I got the name of a mortgage lender that Pete recommends. I'm really serious this time. I'm going to buy a condo. Just need that finally push to get me started on Monday.

Tonight, we have either a Bible study or game night for career group. I think it's games, which will be fun, but I'm going to throw my Bible in just in case since that's what everyone keeps saying.

But I see by my clock it's finally quitting time! I'm off (no comment, please.)

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