Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Last night was my third ultimate frisbee summer league game. Ok, second I actually attended since I got into town too late last week. Anyway, we were missing several key players and had few subs. Especially compared to the other team. At half time, we were down 5-9. Then they got two in a row, making it 5-11. We actually came back at that point to 10-11 and traded points back and forth until is was 14-15. Then we must have given up because it was suddenly 14-17 with us loosing our first game.

Seeing as we had few subs, I got lots of play time, but still couldn't manage to get openned. Someday soon.

Reached that half way point in my new novel For Whom the Minivan Rolls when I got home last night. I'm enjoying it, and it gave me a very big question when I quit last night. The main character has quite a sarcastic streak, and he narrates. But it still seems to be a bit much at times. Probably another brush with the editting pencil could have solved that minor problem.

Called Lovell last night, and actually got to leave a message on his voice mail. Hopefully he gets to check it in the next couple days. Of course, if I do head up there Thursday, I'll miss my next summer league game. This extra day off is really messing me up!

Also called Garrick last night. And I'm glad I did, because he's not planning to be home tonight, so we're going to put things together last minute again like we did last week. Which leaves me a free evening to get my car washed and fun stuff like that. I need to go to Trader Joe's, and it's near Barnes & Noble. May just have to pop in there for some reason. My copies are on their way, but still.

I've been meaning to do this quiz for awhile, so here you go.

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?

Like there'd be an answer to this I'd like. :)

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