Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Just posted this at Zap's, will post at Jix in a couple. But I wanted to put it here since it applies to most everyone who reads this. (Hi Donald and Val!)

I realized last night I never posted something like this is September, but I think Thanksgiving is also appropriate.

You see, September marks my five year anniversary at the site. Back then, it was just the main content that Zap still has up. The message board and fan fic were still a year off. We've come a very long way since then.

And it's been wonderful. I've made some friends on this site I obviously never would have met otherwise. And the site has spun off a couple off chutes as well. I'm looking forward to my fourth convention this summer. I wish we could see each other more often, but I enjoy each chance we do have together.

And, with all the message boards I have visited over the years, those in the Trixie community are still the best. Maybe it's the Bob-White spirit, but we actually respect each other. True, we've had some problems over the years, but we manage to work through them and move past them. From what I can tell, that's a very special thing in an internet community.

So, one thing I'm thankful for you all of you. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend everyone!


And a quick update on Grandma while I have your attention. She's doing ok. Not great, not terrible. hasn't been in the hospital for a week, but still at her sister's. Hopefully I'll get a chance to really feel out the situation when I'm home this weekend.

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