Friday, June 20, 2003

I'm thinking I need to rename my blog "Random Ramblings from Cold, Cloudy Southern CA." We still have clouds with no rain, keeping the weather in the low 70's at best. This is the beginning of summer. I should be able tIo wear shorts after work without even thinking about it. Makes me really frustrated.

I noticed something wonderful yesterday afternoon. My blister from backpacking had popped while rafting Tuesday, but was still causing me pain everything I tried to walk. Actually, I could walk. The problem was trying to start, stop, or turn. Anyway, it suddenly stopped yesterday. It's so wonderful to be able to walk without pain. The small things you take for granted.

We had a small turn out at Bible study last night. But it was a good time as I got to talk to a couple of the new 7th graders. Think it'll be a good year. And Garrick and I did a good job at faking it during the worship time, at least from what I could tell. We didn't get to practice Wednesday night because his back has been giving him major problems and he was at the chiropractors.

My parents left on a cruise today. It's their reward for getting through all of Grpop's stuff, and they're going with my uncle and aunt. Heading up to Alaska. Sure hope they enjoy. Also, it's their 35th wedding anniversary today.

Looks like, after all the debate, I'm not going on the church campout. :) It's this weekend, and I didn't manage to fanagle an invitation. Part of me is really upset, but part of me thinks having a nice quiet weekend at home alone might be a good idea. And part of me wants to stay home but do stuff with friends. Whoever said I didn't suffer from multiple personalities didn't know what they were talking about. Or maybe they did.

And, in an attempt to be more random, I'll remind you that the green cat crows at dawn. (Of course, if I announce that I'm being random, does that defeat the purpose?)

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