Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I got great news. I don't have to try to head over to the Moss's tonight. They're out of town, so won't be there. So I don't have to try to get excited about spending time just working on songs for no reason.

You see, we don't have Bible study tomorrow night because it's the first night of the jr. high/senior high, father/son backing trip. And I'm tagging along. We're leaving tomorrow morning to head up to Yosemite. Yep, after years of not going, I'm going again so soon. And I'll be going again in July.

Pray for me. This is my first trip backpacking. What have I gotten myself into!

So, I won't be here to do the Thursday Threesome tomorrow. So, if you normally steal it from me, just head directly over here to get it for yourself this week. I should be back next week.

Actually, I'll probably pop in and do it myself on Sunday, the day off between backpacking and river rafting. The hard life of youth staff, huh? :)

I had fun and even played about my normal amount at ultimate last night. Discovered that my calves hurt less by running then sitting around. We won 17-15, too. Off to a great start so far.

I'm not nearly as impressed by the new downhere CD as I'd hoped to be. They are definitely a rock band. Of course, the irony of my not liking it is what else I bought yesterday. Stuff like DC Talk and Newsboys. Hopefully, it will grow on me.

And, we've got a new home over at Snark!fest, so be sure to come over and check it out!

I see what Susansuth meant about the changes to blogger. Nice. I think.

And, as a final note, yesterday's Tuesday Two from Mary.

1. Favorite and least favorite cereal?
Haven't tried that many, really. Like granola, and I'm not a big fan of Grape-nuts at all.

2. Whole, 2%, skim or soy in your cereal?
Used to drink 2%. Got out of the habit, however. Definitely don't like soy. It takes horrid, trust me!

Have a great few days and I'll see you on the flip side. (I hope.)

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