Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Hey, I thought I'd try something new and do Mary's Tuesday Two on Tuesday this week. :)

1. Besides Trixie, what children's series did you read over and over and over?
Over and over again? I read the Little House books a couple times. Chronicles of Narnia twice. And Alfred Slote's My Robot Buddy books multiple multiple times. Then there was the year of so I was obsessed with Little Pilgrim's Progress and read it cover to cover multiple times.

2. Are your fingernails painted today? If so, what color?
I'll give you one guess.

Wrong, I didn't paint my nails today. :) In fact, for some strange reason, I've never painted my nails.

Pete's feeling better, but still recovering, so we didn't swim today. But that's ok because we it's really cold out there. We had fog (yes, fog) most of the morning. But I did run today for the first time in weeks. Fells kinda good. But I can tell my legs are already a little sore.

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