Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The futhur adventures of the guy who likes to post on laundry.

Yesterday, I got home at lunch time to do a load of towels and found an envelope on my door. It had enough quarters to repay me for the two loads I've tried to dry in the dryer that was broken. I was pleasantly surprised and added them to my laundry stash. Gathered up my load, took it to the laundry room, and put my quarters in a washer - only to discover I'd picked the broken washer. :)

I'm really disappointed with the book I'm reading right now. Feels like a first draft, not a published work. And the thing is, I've liked other books by this author. 35 pages to go tonight, so I hope to finish it before my ultimate game.

Of course, I'm getting my car washed, getting the new downhere CD (Faith would be so proud if she weren't at retreat), and getting a few groceries before I get home.

Frankly, I don't know how good I'll be at ultimate tonight. I decided to do some sets of stairs instead of running yesterday due to the weather (which hasn't improved). Now my calves are killing me whenever I try to walk. But I figure I'll go down since I won't be there next week (just having gotten back from the rafting trip and all.)

And now, it's rant time. Mini-rants, anyway. And three of them.

For the record, Clinton was impeached for LYING UNDER OATH!!!!!!!! I am so sick of people claiming it was a right wing conspiracy or we had no business impeaching him for something that was between him and his wife. If he'd been honest about it when first asked, I'd agree. But, he committed purgery. Anyone else would have been jailed for what he did. I was actually reading a fiction novel at the time where one of the characters was sent to jail for lying under oath. I just had to laugh.

WMD's. IT'S BEEN TWO MONTHS, PEOPLE!!!!! We're talking about a very large area to search. They could be anywhere. And I'd be shocked is Saddam hadn't hidden them. Frankly, I bet he destroyed them just before we attacked to make Bush look bad. And it's working. Or they were smuggled out of the country. If we find evidence that they never existed, I'll be the first one yelling about it. Not that something good hasn't come out of it. But I think we'll find the evidence. It's just going to take lots of time. Not that I expect some people I've met on-line at places other then the Trixie community to every believe anything that is found ever.

Lastly, take a look at this. I mean, come on. Since when has been having multiple choices of any kind you want been a violation of the First Amendment? Giving money to any school chosen is not establishing a religion. If the law read, "Only Christian schools," they'd have a point. But it doesn't. This is just ridiculous.

Stepping down of my soap box now.

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