Wednesday, June 18, 2003

And once again, I'm back.

The rafting trip was much more fun. :) We left Monday mid-morning and got to the camp site mid-afternoon. It was pretty primative, but right on the Kern River, so we spent the afternoon playing in the water. That night, I led the singing, and got to use my new lantern (bought when OtherSeth and I went camping last month) to light up my music. Worked real well, too. Only downside? The bugs that were attracked to the light. :)

Tuesday, we got up and broke down camp, then the jr. highers hit the river. We did one stretch four times. At the end of the stretch was a final dangerous rapid, and the first time we went over it, half the boat, including the guide, fell out. :) The second time down, I fell out there. First time I've ever fallen out. But it was lots of fun. I enjoyed doing something different from what we've done for several years now, but would have enjoyed doing a longer stretch of the river. I thought we'd be doing one long trip instead of four short ones. But it was lots of fun.

The bad part is that at some point yesterday morning, my blister popped. Now, my left foot hurts when I try to start walking, stop walking, or turn. If everything I needed to do where just in a straight line, I'd be fine.

And, in spite of all the sun screen I put on, I got a sun burn on my solders and back of my arms. I know I sprayed them, too!

Driving home last night turned out to be an adventure, however. I drove my own car because of all the stuff that meant I could throw in (like chair and lantern, not to mention packing my guitar how I wanted it to be packed). I was following the bus, when all of a sudden, there was a huge tire tread in the road. As often happens, I paniced and forgot to check traffic to see if I could get into the next lane. :) The tire tread had come from the bus. We limped into Mojave, where we were able to find someone to replace the tire. And they only charged an extra $10 for the after hours work, which was a real blessing. Got us back to Santa Clarita an hour and a half later then we'd planned, and I was dead tired. Went home and went straight to bed. I was so out of it, Marcus finished packing and I didn't even notice.

Yep, Marcus has gone to the camp he works at every summer for the next week and a half. Once again, the wild parties are at my place. :)

So it was back to the salt mine, today. There were some things I was doing that showed I'm still half asleep. But maybe I can relax now and recover from my vacation. :)

I ran across this quiz again, and still got the same result. Although it's very easy to rig the results if you want to. :) Obviously, I need to work on being more random still if I don't want to have to change my blog's name.

How random are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

Back in the morning with the Thursday Threesome (so someone can steal it from me.)

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