Thursday, June 26, 2003

And here, for your reading and stealing pleasure, is this week's Thursday Threesome. This week, its sponsers are Shakespeare and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Rings- Hmmm.. How are you about jewelry? Do you wear any? ...none? What is your day to day complement. ...and what one particular piece do you save for special occasions?
I guess my poocha shell necklace counts, but other then that, I don’t wear any jewelry. Unless you count a watch. Don’t wear anything special if I dress up, either.

Twosome: Things- Ah, and how about those 'things' about the place? You know, the ones that you cannot throw out, but don't seem to really have a place of their own... Where do they end up? The Drawer? ...or do you have a better place for those bits of randomness that just seem to show up now and again?
The drawer, under the bed, on the table (you don’t actually eat at the kitchen table, do you?) Basically, I’m a lazy saver who just lets things pile up. Not the neatest person in the world.

Threesome: and fine array- Okay, so Summer's here (except in the Land Down Under)... What is your "fine array" to clothe yourself in for the next few months? Do you still maintain? ...or do you 'go native' with vengeance? Hmmmm???
With the students gone, I wear jeans into the office. And shorts the rest of the time, now that's it's warmed up. Actually, if I’m just going to be home, I’ll often just wear shorts.

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