Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Parental Visit

My parents came down for a visit at the end of August.  They'd postponed the trip from earlier in the month, so it was great to finally have them come.  They stayed with me at the condo.

Because they hadn't driven enough on Friday when they were coming into town, we went further south on Saturday to visit some family friends.  It was the first time seeing some of their kids and a while since we'd seen the most recent.  They've grown.  Visit friends with kids is different from all being adults, but it is still so good to catch up with everyone.  Wouldn't have changed that visit for anything.

Sunday we stuck around town.  Went to church in the morning, then came back to the condo and played some games.  I even won my fair share, something that rarely seems to happen when we play games.  I was happy with that.

Monday, they left to drive home, and I got very busy at work since it was time for another quarter end.  (It's like those come around every three months or something.)

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