Saturday, September 11, 2021

20 Years

Hard to believe it has been 20 years.  Memories of the day are still so vivid to me.

I had just flown home from the second Trixie Camp.  We were in Williamsburg that year, and I flew home on 9/9.  Some others had stayed in Williamsburg a few extra days and got stranded there.  Others had gone to New York City.  Yes, they were all safe, but it was still scary.

I was home that morning getting ready for work when I got a call from my friend asking me if I had the TV on.  When I said no, very confused, he said I should turn it on.  Being in So Cal, the second plane had already hit by the time I turned the TV on.  I watched the coverage for a few minutes in complete shock.

Yes, I still went into work.  Yes, I got a few things done while also searching the news for the latest.  And trying to make sure my friends who were supposed to be traveling that day were all safe.  That evening, I actually did go look at an apartment I would move into in about a month with the friend who had called me that morning.  Then I went home and watched as much news coverage as I could handle before putting in my DVD of Toy Story.  I needed something fun to take my mind off all of it.

I also think back to how united we were as the United States at the time.  And I look at how divided we are now.  It saddens me that there is so much hate, so many calls for those we disagree with to lose their jobs and be shunned in society.  I pray we can find common ground again without another horrific day like this to bring us together.

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