Friday, January 24, 2020

Two Years Post Surgery

It was two years ago this week that I had my surgery for my colon cancer.  I had another follow up colonoscopy at the beginning of the month, and everything is still looking good.  Also met with my oncologist this month, and he thinks I look healthy as well.  (Well, I need to lose some weight, but that’s a different issue.)

Unfortunately, they did a biopsy to confirm a blood test from two years ago, and it came back positive for Crohn’s disease.  Now I’ll have to meet with a doctor to find out more about that and treatment options.  It explains much about my healthy over my entire life, actually, so I’m not surprised.  I’m just worried because their only solution appears to be medication that has potentially fatal side effects.  I’m thinking I’m better off leaving it as it is, but we’ll see what they say.  Haven’t made the appointment yet.  I’ve been putting it off and buried at work.

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