Thursday, January 23, 2020

December Round Up

Yikes!  It’s been how long since I posted here?  I need to get something posted.  Hang on, we’re going to tackle December in one post.

I started out the month winning big at some mystery events.  First was getting a trivia question right at the Sisters in Crime/Mystery Writers of American holiday lunch.  I got lucky because the question they asked me was fairly easy.  Almost tripped me up until they repeated it.  But some of the questions they asked I had no clue about.  Then, a few nights later, I went to a mystery trivia night at the Culver City library.  The woman who is always on the winning team wasn’t there, and my team won.  It was a team effort, too.  I didn’t know many of the answers, but fortunately, my teammates did.

Unfortunately, I did spend some of the month sick.  The cough I had over Thanksgiving just would not go away.  I even ran a fever a couple of days, taking one sick day along the way.  But I finally got over it just in time for Christmas.

And yes, I went home for Christmas.  I actually took the two days after Christmas off, so I had a good long visit.  I was able to leave early enough on Christmas Eve to make the Christmas Eve service.  Christmas Day morning was spent at my brother’s new house (it’s still nice), then we went to Mom and Dad’s for the rest of the day.  We walked at Spring Lake a couple of times and played some games.  It was a very nice visit.

New Year’s Eve was a quiet evening/day.  I worked, although I got off early.  Went home, went for a run, caught a movie, and was home to ring in the new decade.

And that covers the highlights and lowlights of December.

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