Friday, January 31, 2020

Master’s University Winter 5K

I did the winter 5K race at my alma mater, The Master’s University, again this month.  It was supposed to be a cold day, but with the sun out, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The wind, on the other hand did help.  My boss did it with me, and I was glad I was more bundled up than he was.

He stuck with me the entire time.  I was feeling comfortable running, which is a huge improvement over last year, when I felt like I should stop and walk a time or two.  I didn’t last year, and I didn’t this year.

Unfortunately, I was a little slower this year.  4 whole seconds.  I still finished in just under 33 minutes at 32:50, so I am running about an 11 minute mile these days, I guess.  At one time, I was able to run under a 10 minute mile, but I was also logging major miles while training for a Tough Mudder and half marathon.  Those days are obvious behind me.

As always, the course is nice.  And being back on campus is a trip.  They’ve changed so much, and I knew the campus so well since I worked there for so many years.  It looks good, the changes are definitely for the best.  It’s just always fun to see what has changed.

And, I got to run into some friends as well.  That’s always a fun bonus of running this race as opposed to running a race where I know no one.

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