Friday, June 07, 2019

Summer League Week 1

The first week of June is over, and that means the first week of summer league is over.  I had my first game on Monday, so I got to start out the week playing.

This year, we are back to two leagues, and, unfortunately, I am in Men’s.  I know a couple of people on my team, at least from the group that was there this week.

About half of our team missed.  We only had 8.  Since 7 are on the field at a time, as you can see we had an issue with subs.  I got more playing time than I figured I would.

We were also back at Balboa.  This is where I played league games for years until the gophers became an issue.  They are still there, although we managed to avoid any injuries on our field.  There was one on the other field, sadly.  Hopefully, this is a temporary location and we will be back on good fields after next week.

And we lost.  Given our numbers, versus a fill team with almost a full line of subs, it wasn’t surprising.  Plus, they had quite a few guys who play together regularly, including guys from my Spring League team.  Still, we got to 6 points before they scored 15.  Considering they scored the first four in a row, that made me happy.  Heck, we stuck with them in the first half after those first few points since it was 4-8 at half.

Hopefully, when the rest of our team comes back we will be able to hold our own in a game.  We’ll find out on Wednesday.

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