Saturday, November 05, 2016

Work Bowling League

Wow, so I just went a month without updating the blog at all.  Let’s play a little catch up, shall we?  And let’s start by talking about the bowling league I joined through work.

There are four teams, all of them co-workers, although most are from the other location in town.  It’s actually been fun to get to meet them.  We play on Thursday nights.  Originally, it was going to be a night I had other commitments, but they switched it up, and needed a last minute replacement, so I jumped in.

Now here’s the crazy thing.  The teams were drawn at random, and I still wound up on a team with all people I knew, two of whom are direct co-workers.

I haven’t bowled for several years, and it’s been fun to be out there bowling again.  My scores have been all over the place, but my average has been 135, which I’m happy with.  High score so far is 187, which I got last week.  Last night, I had a mark in every frame, including closing out the game with a spare and strike in the final frame.  I mostly got spares, but I ended that game with a 183, which I was quite happy with.

The part that is a little frustrating is that everyone has a handicap.  The idea is that it makes it fairer, which it certainly has since all the teams are tied going into the tournament next week.  However, it also means that if one of the weaker bowlers, or especially an entire team, has a good game, there is no way for us to catch them.  Granted, the other team seems to have a strong game when we have a weak game, but it makes it hard to catch up when you are starting 100+ points down.

But that’s a minor frustration.  On the whole, I’ve really been enjoying this.

After the tournament next week, there’s a final week where we are playing as individuals being paired up with someone random.  I’m really looking forward to both weeks.

And if they have another one in the winter, I really hope I can join again.

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