Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Officially the Winners!

My bowling team won our work league on Thursday night.  We thought we had won the week before, but we misunderstood or they changed their minds or something because we wound up finding out on Thursday that we were having our final games of the league that night.

We went into the night in the number one position.  We were tied with one other team, but our total points for the season (the tie breaker) was what pushed us over the top.  We were playing the team we were tied with record wise, so when we won two out of three games, we knew we’d beaten them.

However, over in the other game, one team won all three games, meaning they were tied with us record wise.  Again, it went to the tie breaker, and we have the most points of any team in the league, so again, we won.

This is a very nice change from my recent ultimate Frisbee league experiences where we lose and lose and lose.  Yes, I think the teams wound up being stacked, but I’m not complaining in the slightest.

There is talk we will have another work league in January, and if so, I’m going to try to join.  They will give others priority, but I hope I can make it work because I had a lot of fun.  Plus it was nice getting to know some of my co-workers at the office across town that I rarely if ever interact with.

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