Wednesday, July 06, 2016

ROC 2016

I’ve fallen behind again, so it’s time to start catching up.

I completed my three mud runs in June on the 25th.  Okay, so the last one was really an obstacle run, but I always enjoy the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge.

This time, it was in south LA County where the local Soccer team plays, which also happens to be next to a college.  They had set up all over the place, so I think we actually had a full 5K this time.  Last year, it was just weaving around a parking lot, and we definitely had that to start with before we started wandering around the complex.

As always, the obstacles were wonderful.  They are giant and inflatable, so there is lots of bouncing.  And they have a few different variations on water slides.  All told, it is just a ton of fun.  I did skip the new one where you climb up in a tower only to jump down.  It probably wasn’t that high, but my fear of heights decided to let me skip that one.  Not that I tried that hard.

It was nice that there was so much water since it was a roasting hot day.  I wore a shirt, something I don’t often do, and let it soak up the water to help keep me cool.  I didn’t even change for the ride home, and I was almost dry by the time I got home, too.

Despite the heat, this was a really fun day.  I will definitely be back to do this one again no matter where it is in the future.

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