Monday, July 11, 2016

Good 4th of July Weekend

When left we left the saga of my life, I’d just returned from a business trip to Nashville on Friday the 1st.  That got me back in time for the long 4th of July weekend.

And I had a great weekend.  Saturday, I hung out all day with some friends and their 4 kids.  I hadn’t seen them for several months, and it was great to catch up and play some with the kids.  Plus I got lunch and dinner!  Seriously, though, it was a nice, relaxing day.

Sunday was church and hanging out with some other friends in the evening.  I tried to play ultimate Frisbee, but no one else showed up, which was a bummer.  I also got some reviews written and scheduled over on my review blog.

Monday, I did get some ultimate in.  While I didn’t set an alarm, I woke up in time for the morning game, which was a lot of fun.  From there, I headed home and did a bunch of stuff around the condo, laundry and other “fun” chores like that.  So it’s not exactly going out and celebrating a holiday, but it was nice to get those things done.  Also, Rory came over to look at the place one more time before he decided to move it.

Yep, I have two roommates again.  And I wasn’t even looking for a second roommate this time.  God definitely has a sense of humor after all the years I spent worrying about having two roommates.

Then I went back to work and hit the ground running.  It’s month end time after all, so I have deadlines to meet.  But the time off was very good.

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