Monday, May 09, 2016

Savage Beach

This last Saturday was the last regular week of men’s beach league for the year.  And my team only had five guys show up.  We play five on the field at a time, so that meant we were playing savage.  In fact, I showed up late, so we were playing down a man and savage when I showed up.

The first game started our relatively close.  In fact, we took half, and then we went up 7-5.  But that’s when we ran out of gas.  We didn’t score another point for the rest of the game.

The second game was against another savage team.  Unfortunately, they’d had a while to rest up before we played them, so we were more tired than they were.  We got 3 points before they got to 11.

But I will say what I’ve been saying all season – I was on the beach.  The weather was nice.  It was partly cloudy and a very slight breeze.  In fact, it was so nice I headed down toward the water and sat there reading until I finished my book.  I figured, I wanted to finish it that day one place or another, and the beach was a nicer place to do that than my living room.

This coming weekend is the tournament.  Fortunately, we could still win the entire thing.  We’d have to play very differently if that were to happen, but it is a distinct possibility.

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