Monday, January 25, 2016

First Two Winter League Games

Yes, I’m still woefully behind on life, although I’m close to catching up.  To help with that, let’s talk about the first two winter league games of the year.

Granted, we should have had three games to date, but the first game was rained out.

So the first game we actually played was the night of a big deadline at work.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it or not, but they allowed me to leave in time to make the game.  I didn’t make anything before it, but I did make the game.  I so needed it.  It had been stressful at work, and hanging out with friends and running on the field was wonderful stress relief.  I was actually surprised by how well I played, too.  I got a few catches and passed it on most of the time.  I did get scored on, but I also made a low grab for a catch which I then threw for a score.  We still lost, but it was a fun night.

Our game last week wasn’t as good.  We lost by a lot more, and most of the points were short.  We just couldn’t get anything going.  I got scored on a few times, but not as badly as I had feared since the other team was much faster.  I didn’t get the disc at all, rarely even had the opportunity to get the disc.

Tomorrow night’s our third game.  It’s against the only team we beat last year that is back, but they’ve really changed their roster around.  It will be interesting to see how we do against them.  Either way, it will be a battle until the end.  It always is with them.

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