Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Word Association for October 21st

It's been a couple of weeks.  Let's do some word association today.

  1. Frustration :: Disappointment
  2. Ordered :: Food
  3. Imagination :: Creative
  4. Horizon :: God
  5. Flu :: Vaccine
  6. System :: Breakdown
  7. Bombastic :: Trump
  8. Windows :: Computer
  9. Pumping :: Iron
  10. Scorched :: Earth

I've been listening to a song from Downhere's first CD, which includes this in the chorus.

"Because I'll never hold a picture of the
Whole horizon in my view
Because I'll never rip the night in two
It makes me wonder who am I
Who am I
Who am I
And great are You."

And that's who I got from Horizon to God.

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