Monday, October 05, 2015

Another Premier Party

We are in full TV season mode again.  My last two returning shows premier this week, in fact.  But that meant that last weekend my friend Christy had her annual premier party for Once Upon a Time.  We once again dressed up in costumes and got together for dinner and then watching the premier.

Christy is the only one I know well out of the group; the rest are all people I only see once a year at these events.  But I’m getting to know several of them better over the years, and I really look forward to this party each year.

Yes, I went as Dr. Hopper again.  Boring, I know.  The costumes were so great this year with most everyone else going for a fairytale version of a character.  It was a blast.  The food was good.

And the premier?  I’m not doing full recaps this year, but I am loving this season so far.  The second episode was strong as well.  If only the same could be said for Castle.  (Please, don’t get me started on the stupid way they’ve taken the show this year.  The writers have definitely decided to kill it.  I will be shocked if it gets picked up for another season because I suspect that fans will stop watching in droves after last week.)

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