Friday, June 26, 2015

We Got a Win!*

My ultimate Frisbee team finally got a win last night, although not quite in the way I wanted.

I arrived late, and the score was 2-2.  And then we started to get a nice lead going.  It was 6-3 before I knew it.  I went in for a point, and it was the longest point of the night.  So many turns it wasn’t funny.  But we finally got the score.  The other team score two more before we took it to half 8-5.

They came back swinging at half time, and it was 9-7 before too much time passed.

Now, here’s where the fields and how we are being treated came into play.  We’ve been fighting sprinklers the last couple of weeks, and the sprinklers had come on part of our field early in the second half.  But the rule is that if both teams agree, we can keep playing, but we have to stop if part of the lights go out.

Well, during the next point, part of the lights went out.  Some people kept going, and the other team did score, but it didn’t count.  Since we were ahead, we got the win 9-7 instead of going to 15 like normal.

The worst part of this is that we were supposed to have the fields until 10:30 last night, but the lights went out at 10:12.  They are really treating us like dirt at the park this year, and it’s bugging everyone.  Hopefully, they actually do fix our normal field and we can be back there soon.

Personally, I only got the disc once, but I was able to pass it on no problem.  The best part is that all my running seems to be giving me speed finally.  I’m keeping up with or close to my guy all the time now instead of trying to catch up.  I’m not quite sure what has changed or if it is just a fluke, but I hope it will last.


That Loud Redhead said...

They turn the sprinklers on while you're still on the field!? How rotten!! Glad you got the win, though!!

Mark Baker said...

The sprinklers are on a timer. They have no control over them. Or so they claim. We agree, we aren't that happy about it.