Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer League Game 4

I’ve got to blog about last night’s game while it is still fresh in my mind.  No, that’s not because we won, although we came close.  Very, very close.

We started out behind like always, letting them take the first half 2-8.  We even gave them the first point of the second half, so it was 2-9.

I went in that next point, and my defender stepped on my foot really hard.  It was an accident, but I had to step off the field and our captain took my place.  That must have been what we needed because we went on a five point run to make it 7-9.  Seriously, one caused the other, right?  It couldn’t have been a coincidence.

We let them get another few points, but we went on another run to make it tied at 13’s.  Our previous best score was 8, and we’d never tied that high up.  Sadly, they got the final two points and won.

Oh, and did I mention the sprinklers came on for the last half a dozen points?  It was only on about a third of the field, but still.  Plus the lights stayed on later than they should have so we actually finished the game.  If they’d gone off at 10, we would have tied.

Personally, I had my ups and downs.  They were poaching off my on D, so I got to be opened quite a bit.  Sadly, I was overthrown quite a few times.  There’s nothing you can do when the disc sails right over your head.  On the other hand, I caught it a few times as well and mostly passed it on successfully.  I did miss one throw.

But the moment I’m proudest of?  I successfully threw a score!  One of the times I caught it, I had a wide opened shot to two of our women in the end zone, and I successfully threw it down the field to her, missing her defender.  I was sure someone from the other team would intercept it, but no, we scored.  I was grinning so big when that happened.

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