Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer League Game 3

Last Tuesday night was our third summer league game.  Sadly, we didn’t continue our improvement trajectory.  Again, we ended at 8-15.

We actually had numbers.  Subs for both the men and the women.  It was wonderful!  We started the game with 7 players, in fact.

However, we also started off by letting the other team score several points.  We called a time out, and the decided to switch up our offensive strategy.  That worked for us yet again, and we started to flow down and score.  It wasn’t enough to win, but it is certainly more fun when you are scoring something.

And I actually had a couple of successful catches and throws during the game, too.  So far this season, when I’d thrown it, it had been defended by the other team, but not Tuesday night.  I was beginning to feel great about my playing and then we got to the last point.

The person with the disc threw it to me, and I stopped running toward them to catch it.  It’s something I do quite often without thinking.  I didn’t think anyway was behind me, but turns out, someone was and he got the D, then turned around and caught the winning score.  That was a bummer, but at least it wasn’t the only time they’d thrown it to me during the game.

We’ve got our fourth game tonight, so hopefully we can build from the beginning and get a win.

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