Monday, June 08, 2015

Summer League Game 2

I know, only one week into June, and we have played two games.  We’ll get to play two games again before the league is over.

Friday games are usually hard to get people to show up for, and I almost didn’t go myself.  After all, I had the Camp Pendleton Mud Run the next day.  Turns out, it was a very good thing I went.

Being co-ed, we are supposed to play 4 men and 3 women.  Well, only two women who could play showed up.  Yeah.  One of our injured women went out and played for a while, but eventually, the captains decided to bend the rules so she wouldn’t have to play and we went 5-2.

Which brings us to me.  We only had 6 guys show up.  Which meant I was the only sub.  So I stuck it out and stayed for the entire game.  I played more than I really wanted to, but so be it.  It was killing me, too, because normally on a night like that, I would have been playing as many points as I could.

We started out going down 0-5.  This was when our injured woman stepped on to the field, and she made a huge difference.  We started scoring!  Before the night was over, we made it 8-15, so when we were playing with a full team on the field, they only scored 2 unanswered points on us.

They also had a much larger team than we did, which might have hurt us in the long run.  But it was a fun game, and we all played hard.  I only got opened once, and then turned it when I tried to pass it on, again.  I don’t remember getting scored on or really getting beat anywhere, which is a nice step up for me.  I’m sure it will come.  The season is still young.

Our next game is tomorrow.  Hopefully, we can keep this momentum going and actually win a game.

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