Friday, June 19, 2015

Last Saturday

I know I covered this week’s ultimate Frisbee game, but do to that, I skipped over last Saturday.

I’ve switched cable companies!  After years with AT&T U-Verse, I’m not back with Time Warner.  They were offering a better deal.  Cost wise, it’s only slightly better, but it will still save me $200 over the course of the year.  However, the internet is better, and I’m getting a few channels I really have been wanting.  Also, the DVR is holds more shows, although that last one may not be a good thing.  So far, I’m happy with it.

Then, that night, I went down to see The King & I at Glendale Centre Theatre with Angelique and Ann.  We met up for dinner beforehand and caught up, then we went to the show.  It was great.  I’d seen the movie years ago, but I appreciate the story so much more now.  It was a very fun evening.


Brian said...

Time Warner Cable is much better than AT&T. Much faster Internet, by miles. Plus they have that new DVR that you can record 6 shows at once, with much more space. Better channel options too. Plus, if you sweet talk them enough, you can get a plan for a reasonable price.

Mark Baker said...

I just got the bill, and it isn't as much less as I was expecting. In fact, it isn't cheaper at all. I'm getting more for my money, but I wanted cheaper as well.