Friday, June 12, 2015

Camp Pendleton Mud Run – 2015

So, after my game last Friday night, I headed south.  As in I had what I needed in the car.  I drove two hours south and made it to Oceanside right about midnight.  Found a room in a hotel and crashed for the night.  Unfortunately, I didn’t fall asleep quite as quickly as I had hoped, but I did eventually get a few hours of sleep.

And then I was up and at them for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run!

This now makes the sixth year in a row that I’ve done the mud run.  And, despite the added pressure of the distance and therefore finding a place to stay, it remains one of my favorites.  I enjoy running around the base.  We run through some beautiful areas.  I like the added obstacles from the first few years (although they could do away with the tire flip).  Everyone is out there having fun.  It’s just generally a great day.

This year was no exception.  I was on my own with no one to meet up with afterwards, so I enjoyed a more leisurely pace.  I still finished about 15 minutes slower than my best time (when I’d been running longer distances), so I wasn’t upset with my time.  Especially considering how much ultimate I’d played the night before.  I looked around the festival a little afterwards, but I didn’t spend too long at it.

I was hungry, and I wanted to head down to a diner I’d visited last year in Oceanside.  The Pit Stop diner has a wonderful chicken nugget wrap.  Yum!  Definitely didn’t need the fries that came with it.  Absolutely delicious.

I made my way home after that, stopping at Downtown Disney for a little pin shopping, and then headed to the Aviator’s game.  Sadly, they lost.  So both of the professional ultimate Frisbee team games I’ve been to, my team has lost.  I did figure out that one of the guys on the team was on my summer league team a couple of years back.  Really nice guy, too.

Going to the game meant I made it home late, but it was a great day.

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